Mission Statement:

The mission of the United States Lighthouse Society is to preserve and share the history and legacy of America’s lighthouses and their keepers.

Vision Statement:

To be a beacon to the American lighthouse community, providing steadfast guidance and resources on heritage, education, preservation, and all things lighthouse.


Our strategy to reach that vision has two main thrusts:

1. We will expand and enhance our services and value to the entire American lighthouse community and help the community grow by “sharing our knowledge, resources and passions.

Today, the U.S. Lighthouse Society is a beacon to our members and to many elements of the nationwide community of lighthouse enthusiasts and of historic lighthouse preservation and interpretation professionals. But there are many elements of the community that are not fully aware of our excellent and extensive products and services. We will put dedicated effort into making ourselves known to more members of the community and providing products and services that they need and will value in the areas of expert technical knowledge, education and resources on lighthouse history/heritage, preservation, interpretation, management, tourism “and all things lighthouse”. We also need to help the American lighthouse community grow by attracting new generations to the joys of becoming lighthouse enthusiasts. We will reach out more strongly to captivate the interest of children, teenagers, young adults and young professionals.

2. We will raise the bar on our “operational excellence.” Over the last decade we have gone from good to very good operational performance; we must now refine our operations to excel in everything we do. Our beacon will not stay lit for very long if our steadfast guidance and resources are not excellent and do not retain our customers’ loyalty and please our stakeholders.

Strategic objectives and initiatives:

Here are some of our objectives and ongoing initiatives that help implement our strategy:

  • Improve our publications: content, format and delivery mode:
    • We started a bi-monthly e-Bulletin which is distributed by email
    • We started offering The Keeper’s Log in digital format for those members that do not want the printed copy
    • We are studying various improvements to The Keeper’s Log, based on member feedback, which will be introduced throughout 2023-2024
  • Enhance & expand our website and digital collection:
    • We started an initiative to digitize lighthouse personnel records at the National Archives in St. Louis
    • We redesigned our website in 2023 to make it more user-friendly
  • Develop a program to attract USLHS Passport Club members to become full USLHS members:
    • We established a new entry-level membership category with new and targeted benefits for former Passport Club members
  • Increase financial assistance to local lighthouse organizations:
    • In 2022 we awarded $32,000 in preservations grants, an increase from our previous “high” of $25,000
  • Establish a Lighthouse Managers Advisory Group:
    • We established this group in 2022 to bring together a diverse set of lighthouse professionals from around the country to discuss common issues of interest and share solutions
  • Establish an outreach program to colleges and universities:
    • We are establishing partnerships with graduate programs in historic preservation to attract their students to obtain historic lighthouse preservation experience through support of graduate theses and through summer internships
  • Enhance our education program for middle and high school students:
    • We developed a reading kit for middle school students based on the Nubble Lighthouse
  • Expand tour program:
    • We are developing new short tours aimed at new members and at younger generations

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