Pemaquid Point Lighthouse (ME) in Bristol badly damaged during storm

Bristol Parks and Recreation says that Pemaquid Point Lighthouse was damaged during Wednesday's storm.

Pemaquid Point, ME - Jeremy D'Entremont

They are warning residents to stay away from the lighthouse and Pemaquid Beach Park due to debris.

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Four Maine lighthouses make the list in: 13 Incredible Stops To Make On A Portland to Acadia National Park Road Trip

#6. Pemaquid Point - Previous mentioned

#8. Marshall Point - Most famous for being featured in the movie Forrest Gump, Marshall Point is one of my top 3 favorite lighthouses in all of Maine.

Marshall Point, ME - USLHS archives

#9. Owl's Head - Owl's Head is home to another one of my top 3 lighthouses in Maine, as well as a lovely little harbor and relaxing pebble beach.

Owls Head, ME - Jeremy D'Entremont

#10. Rockland Breakwater - This is a great stop to make to really stretch out your legs and go for a long walk along a breakwater rock jetty that's almost a mile long.

Rockland Breakwater, ME - Ralph Eshelman

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I spent the night in the East Brother Lighthouse on a tiny California island. Here's how you can too.

You might be reluctant to stay at a $475-a-night inn that warns of flashing lights and foghorns throughout the night, or bans one-night guests from bathing, or requires that you be ready to climb a ladder above roiling seas.

East Brother, CA - USLHS archives

But then you hear those four words: Lighthouse on an island.

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Charismatic Jersey Shore lighthouse keeper dies at 96

Buddy Grover, the charismatic keeper at the Absecon Lighthouse in Atlantic City known to generations of visitors, died on Thursday, January 4, according to the facility's social media pages. He was 96.

Buddy Grover - Selena Vazquez

"Our dear Buddy passed today," the Absecon Lighthouse wrote on its Facebook page. "He was loved beyond measure."

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Free Lynde Point Lighthouse in Old Saybrook (CT), not really free with costly maintenance required

OLD SAYBROOK- While the federal government is giving away Lynde Point Lighthouse for free, expensive strings are attached.

Lynde Point, CT - USLHS archives

The Government Services Administration stipulates that the new owner must preserve and maintain the aging structure built in the 1800's and not renovate it for several decades.

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Powerful Waves Cause Damage at Historic Portland Head Lighthouse in Maine

A historic lighthouse outside Portland, Maine, sustained damage as powerful waves hammered the coastline on Wednesday, January 10, according to local reports.

Portland Head, ME - J Candace Clifford

This video from Donald Verger shows waves pounding the rocks around the Portland Head Light, which marks the entrance to Portland Harbor at Cape Elizabeth.

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Sanibel Island, FL:  What are 48 pounds of red bricks worth? A lot when you are talking about historic value

One hurricane's trash is another man's treasure. In this case, a bunch of bricks.

Sanibel Island, FL - James Hill

According to Jason Garrison, a Fort Myers resident, the bricks he found early last year during several weekly sea turtle walks he did with the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation to help clean up the beach area, are far from ordinary.

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Five Finger Island (AK) Lighthouse improvements could help keep keepers around for a longer season

Five Finger Island lighthouse has helped mariners navigate Frederick Sound for over a century. But now, it also serves an educational purpose. Every summer, the remote lighthouse draws in scores of visitors who want to learn more about the unique history and ecology of Five Finger Island.

Five Finger Island, AK - Anthony Melosci

Shelby Herbert jumped on a boat to the lighthouse this fall to shine a light on some of its new features.

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Georgetown Lighthouse (Guyana) now a national monument

Proudly displayed in the line of sight on entry at the Georgetown Lighthouse is the newly handed-over wooden heritage marker from the National Trust of Guyana.

Georgetown, Guyana - John & Elaine Chesterton

The plaque was presented to Louise Williams, Director of Ports and Harbors at the Maritime Administration Department, by Hemandri Ramautar of the National Trust of Guyana, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport.

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7 scenic lighthouses in Japan

As an island nation, Japan has a significant coastline - and the varied topography including rugged cliffs, intricate bays, and narrow straits means lighthouses are necessary to guide ships through diverse maritime environments. Many of the lighthouses are destinations in and of themselves, and this quick guide covers some of the top ones.

Hinomisaki, Japan - Darlene Chisholm

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