Ice-caked South Haven (MI) lighthouse signals winter's arrival

Some say it isn't really winter until the Lake Michigan lighthouses are caked in ice.

South Haven, MI - USLHS archives

OK, nobody says that - but perhaps they should.

Winter weather arrived with a bang this past weekend in the form a major snowstorm that brought subzero wind chills and dumped buckets of snow on Michiganders.

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Storm causes less damage than expected at Rockland Breakwater (ME) Lighthouse

The Jan. 10 storm tore off siding, but the storm that followed 3 days later didn't compound the damage as much as anticipated.

Rockland Breakwater, ME - Bob Trapani

The two recent storms that saw record high levels of water along with massive waves caused exterior damage to the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse.

But Harbor Master Molly Eddy said the damage was less than anticipated.

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Building at popular Pemaquid Point (ME) lighthouse destroyed in storm

The powerful storm that battered Maine this week caused significant damage, including to some iconic locations.

Pemaquid Point, ME - Jeremy D'Entremont

Waves at Pemaquid Point were breaking over 20 feet and caused major damage to the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse.

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Bug Lighthouse Piers Flooded During Historic Tide Levels on Maine Coast

Coastal Maine was under a flood warning on Saturday, January 13, as "historic" water levels and storm surge would lead to damaging floods, the National Weather Service (NWS) said.

Portland Breakwater, ME - Jeremy D'Entremont

Water levels during high tide in Portland reached an all-time-high of 14.17 feet on Saturday, the NWS. said.

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Pater Noster Lighthouse Off Sweden's West Coast Houses A Hotel For Those Seeking A Unique Retreat

Off the untamed west coast of Sweden, Pater Noster offers a one-of-a-kind experience by fusing the sea's allure with that of an isolated island and the luxury of a boutique hotel. Pater Noster, aptly named after the Latin phrase for the Lord's Prayer, stands as a sentinel in the Skagerrak strait.

Pater Noster, Sweden - HasBS

This lighthouse-turned-luxury hotel is on the isolated Hamneskar Island, a stone's throw away from the quaint fishing village of Marstrand. The setting alone is enough to pique travelers' interest. Pater Noster's history, however, adds an extra layer of allure.

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A ski-through lighthouse just opened in New Hampshire

It is billed as New Hampshire's only ski-through lighthouse.

A lighthouse near the slopes instead of the surf just opened at Mount Sunapee in New Hampshire.

Ski through lighthouse at Mount Sunapee in NH -

Inspired by the lighthouses on nearby Lake Sunapee, the black and white structure on South Peak was installed in celebration of the ski area's 75th anniversary and is billed as New Hampshire's only ski-thorough lighthouse.

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Photo - Walton Lighthouse, CA, stands watch over harbor at end of Seabright State Beach

Following a recent lull in significant surf action, a wave crashes recently over the Santa Cruz harbor jetty at the end of Seabright State Beach.

Walton, CA - Anita Ritenour

Built in 2002, the Walton Lighthouse atop the jetty was designed by Mark Mesiti-Miller and constructed by Devcon Construction

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Gangasagar (India) gets country's first 'lighthouse on air' for ships in Bay

Gangasagar on Sunday got India's first "lighthouse on air" - a facility that provides radio connection to every ship sailing across Bay of Bengal. Like the lighthouse that emits light from a system of lamps and lenses, the lighthouse on air operates like a beacon of radio waves.

Sagar Island, India -

The amateur radio operators in Bengal approached Directorate General of Lighthouses and Lightships for nod to operate from the 203-year-old lighthouse at Gangasagar. It gave permission to the operators to set up and operate without hampering lighthouse functioning.

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Presque Isle North Pier (PA) Lighthouse could soon be locally owned

Presque Isle North Pier Lighthouse may soon be under new ownership.

The lighthouse was owned by the federal government for years. But last year nonprofits were given the opportunity to apply for ownership.

Presque Isle North Pierhead, PA - Ralph Eshelman

Presque Isle Light Station Inc. submitted a formal application that is under review by the National Park Service. If approved, its executive director said the nonprofit would preserve the lighthouse and keep it for future generations.

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Douglas County Parks, Umpqua River Lighthouse (OR) Museum, Salmon Harbor receive business awards

Three Douglas County coastal divisions have received top awards in the 2023-34 Toast of the South Coast contest, the County said in a media release Tuesday.

Umpqua River Lens, OR - USLHS archives

The County's Umpqua River Lighthouse Coastal History Museum, Gift Shop and Visitors Center received the silver award in the Art Gallery category.

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