Ever dream of staying in a lighthouse? Here are some cool opportunities

The presence of lighthouses in the U.S. is about as old as the nation itself.  So is the role of lighthouse keepers, who were responsible for maintaining their structures and ensuring their shining lights remained visible to passing ships.

New Dungeness, WA - Thomas A Tag


These days, lighthouses across the country have been getting some help with their upkeep through volunteer programs.

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Climb the Anclote Key (FL) lighthouse, a Gulf Coast landmark with more than a century of history.

What debuted in the late 1800's as a shining beacon of light, then eventually fell into disrepair, is now back in restored condition and open for visitors to climb 127 steps to the top.

Anclote Key, FL - USLHS archives

The Anclote Key lighthouse is a national historic landmark situated a few miles west of Tarpon Springs along Florida's Gulf Coast. Although the lighthouse was battered by Hurricane Idalia, which tore through the Big Bend region of the state in late August, it recently received an $800,000 facelift, including a fresh coat of paint inside and out. This follows a $1.5 million restoration project that wrapped up in September 2003, ushering in a bright new chapter with a relighting ceremony.

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Canadian Lighthouse group gears up for another season

The Porphyry Lighthouse programs have been a hit with visitor, including with the previous artist in residence, Mary Espinosa, who shared that "a week was not enough time to explore" there lighthouses on Lake Superior.

Point Porphyry, Canada - Northerontario.travel.com

Charter passengers to Porphyry were amazed at the island's beauty and the story of transshipment that these lighthouses embody. The lighthouse group will this season again offer unique opportunities to learn about the environment and history of the area and maybe make a contribution to the future sustainability of these historic sites. 

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Cape May Lighthouse (NJ) to offer full moon, new moon tours

Cape May Point - Climb the Cape May Lighthouse at night under the light of the full moon or under the new moon when the stairs shine.

Cape May, NJ - James Hill

Both tours will be offered starting this spring.

Visitors making the trip can stop along the climb and learn the history of the lighthouse through a series of interpretive panels. Binoculars are welcome.

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Sodus Point (NY) Lighthouse holding 2024 Eclipse Party

An Eclipse viewing event is set to be held on the lawn of the Sodus Point Lighthouse on April 8.

Sodus Point Old, NY - Thomas A Tag

Surrounding the Lighthouse, food trucks, doughnuts, hot chocolate and beer will be part of the viewing event, along with one pair of viewing glasses per ticket provided.

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Photobook illuminates the beauty of Michigan lighthouses

Michigan photographer Danielle Jorae wrote, designed and published Lighthouses of Michigan-Lower Peninsula to fulfill a wish of her childhood self.

Lighthouses of Michigan - Danielle Jorae

"I ran across a document from when I was in kindergarten that outlined how I wanted to become an artist and writer one day," Jorae said. "When I found that, it was in the moment that I knew that I needed to write a book and make it with these lighthouses."

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Barnegat (NJ) Lighthouse Still in Peril

For anyone familiar with Long Beach Island or the Jersey Shore in general, Barnegat Lighthouse is part of the culture. Today if this symbol were threatened by man or nature, we would expect the government to rush in and eliminate the threat.

Barnegat, NJ - David Zapatka

But one problem with history is for the most part we know the outcome. If you watch a movie about the attack on Pearl Harbor or the maiden voyage of the Titanic, it's hard to have a surprise ending.

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A new beginning for Pigeon Point, CA

The 150th anniversary of Pigeon Point Light Station in late 2022 was an occasion accompanied by mixed emotions. The endurance of the storied 115-foot lighthouse, the tallest on the West Coast, was reason to celebrate.

Pigeon Point, CA - USLHS archives


Yet the nautical beacon, now a state park listed on the National Register of Historic Places, remained closed to the public after chunks of the building cascaded to the ground in 2001.

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Ludington State Park (home of Big Sable Point Lighthouse) MI, completely closing for nearly a year

Some of the features the park is best known for are its Lake Michigan shoreline and iconic Big Sable Point Lighthouse.

Big Sable Point, MI - David Zapatka

This summer is your last chance to visit Ludington State Park before it completely closes for almost a year.

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Gonzalo Lebrija designs sculptural lighthouse that "feels like a temple" in Mexico

Mexican artist Gonzalo Lebrija has unveiled the sculptural El Faro lighthouse and art gallery on the Costalegre coast in western Mexico.

El Faro, Mexico - dezeen.com 

Built on a peninsular as part of a wider development, El Faro was designed as an exhibition space and local "landmark", that will also operate as a lighthouse for local boats and fishermen.

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